If you seek an exceptional message of love, gratitude or appreciation we are able to organise a supply of specially selected flowers for a whole year!! You could choose to send four arrangements, one for each of the seasons; or twelve, one for each month; or if you are feeling extraordinarily generous, one for every week.

They could arrive as bouquets or baskets, or we could alternate between the two. If you prefer, you could safely leave the choice to us and be assured that we would make a selection throughout the year, which would include hand tied bunches bouquets, baskets, wraps of tulips, hyacinths, perhaps even a beautiful Phalaenopsis orchid.

Our aim is always to provide the highest possible quality, together with a very personal touch. If you have a special request for something that we have not included please call us on 020 8392 9929 and we would be delighted to discuss it with you.

If your recipient is away for Christmas we will send them a card with your seasonal message and inform them of your generous gift and ask them to contact us to arrange a date for their first delivery. For this option please call us.

If you would like to order the "Ultimate Gift" then please select your preferences from the options below and click proceed to order.



Selection type:

Hand-Tied bunches
Hand-Tied bunches & baskets

Colour combinations:

Soft & Pretty
Strong & Bold
Up to us



After you click "Proceed" below you will be asked to specify the date of the first delivery.

Subsequent orders will be arranged with recipient by Forever Flowering.

NB. On completion of your order, payment will be taken for the whole year. If you wish to pay as each delivery is made, please place your order by phone.

"I have been fortunate enough to enjoy the luxury of weekly flowers from Forever Flowering - Each delivery beautifully presented, a vast choice of exquisite flowers from which to choose and an extremely friendly staff to advise on selection. Such a joy - I always look forward to delivery day"

"The best Christmas present my husband ever brought me was a year's supply of flowers - sent every month - from Forever Flowering. I always looked forward to the first of the month when a new display arrived. Since then I have used Forever Flowering regularly. Sandra and her staff are always helpful and friendly. I thoroughly recommended them"

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